Axis Images is a creative team sharing a wealth of talent and skill in the amazing world of Virtual Reality. We dive into each project to understand how to best create a VR experience that will be engaging and inspiring. The real world virtual environments are beautifully featured in 360º panoramas, navigational 3D maps, ambient sound, music and narration, videos, and details that make the story and place come to life.

Janie Fitzgerald | Founder / Photographer / Director.
As founder of Axis Images, VR photographer Janie Fitzgerald is known for her pioneering work in 360º VR panoramic photography. Commissioned by Apple to shoot the Salk Institute in 360º for their groundbreaking release of QTVR in 1995, she was one of the first few photographers to shoot QuickTime VR, the first digital format for 360º photographic virtual reality.

As her VR projects quickly became noticed, she created a website to promote other VR photographers worldwide. Two projects such as, sponsored by Apple and Eastman Kodak and later on,, were viewed as exhibits of the early days of 360º VR imaging.

Fitzgerald was directly involved in the concept and creation of VRMAG, an online magazine based out of Switzerland about VR photography. She served on the Board of Directors of the International QuickTimeVR Association (IVRPA) for five years.

Her creative spirit, talent and business leadership has guided the phases of each project. She has been a speaker about VR at new media conferences and art institutes. Janie continues to share her knowledge and passion about immersive imaging and VR.

Robert West | Graphic Design / Interactive Design / Audio. Independent Artist.
Award winning artist, Robert West has created interface designs. With a highly diverse background in art, 3D graphics, illustration and digital audio, his talent, creative efforts and strong technical skills have helped the projects maintain their consistent high quality.

John Schwarzell | VR programming, Imaging Specialist and VR Research. Independent Artist.
A graduate of Brooks Institute, John has been working in the field of VR imaging and programming for sixteen years.
His talent and skills have helped Axis Images produce many VR projects for over a decade.

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